Presidentkandidaterna spammar sina väljare

I det senaste numret av Email insider stod att läsa om presidentkandidaternas digitala marknadsföring via e-post. Tydligen verkar det där råda viss brist på respekt inför lagen.

The same politicians who brought us CAN-SPAM have decided it does not apply to them /../ The biggest violator of this policy is the Democratic party. To unsubscribe from their emails, you must go to a Web page that sends a specific numeric code to you via email. You must enter that email code in the browser form on the page that sends you the email with the code. Unfortunately, the code can take hours to arrive in your inbox, and if you have left the page or closed your browser, you cannot unsubscribe. This is a CAN-SPAM violation.

Not to be outdone, the McCain camp requires a reason for unsubscribing, ranging from ”I’m still a McCain supporter, I just don’t want to receive email” to ”I’m no longer a McCain supporter.

Email Insider: The Real Presidential Debate: What’s Up With Candidates’ Email Campaigns?



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